Asthma, manage through yoga

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ASTHMA-PATIENTHomeopathy and Bronchial Asthma

What is Asthma

Asthma is a clinical condition in which the lungs airways (bronchi : which carries air to alveoli, where finally oxygen gets dissolved in our blood.) become inflamed and can cause spasm, which in result causes shortness of breath and wheezing.  Because of airways getting narrow it becomes difficult to breath normally and become sensitive also,  which in result causes feeling of shortness of breath and other problems.

Why It Occurs

The actual thing, why it happens is still not properly understood, whereas some causing factors are recognised. And they are

Allergies:-  If person having allergy from anything, can increase chances of getting Asthma attack. It is seen that almost all Asthma sufferers have allergies from one or other thing. In fact, it is seen upto 25% people who had hay fever (allergic rhinitis) developed asthma condition.

Tobacco Smoke

Obviously smoking is a dangerous thing, which is proved in developing Asthma condition. Tobacco smoking contains about 4000 compounds whichquitSMOKING are dangerous for our health. In which mainly are Nicotine: which generates habit, Carbon Monoxide: which is confused with oxygen by our brain and gets dissolved into blood, causes many problems, as you can think only, and Tar: which is kind of solid thing and so obviously will cause irritation to your air carrying pipes inside your lungs. To test try rubbing sandpaper to your outer skin, is kind of same effect given to your lung skins.

Environment Factor

Regional-Environment-Problems-Environmental-PollutionYaaa, now here we can blame to others. But somewhere we are only responsible for developing such condition. Polluted air by vehicle exhaustion system (like we smoke), from other mechanical / non-mechanical things air gets polluted. Pollution, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide to name few, plus cements dust, and many more things, cold temperatures, and high humidity have all been shown to trigger asthma in some individuals.  To check how pollution effects, try to visit some hospitals in regions where pollution is very high, in Mumbai itself, you will be amazed by seeing the rising numbers in Asthma Patients.

Hmmm, cold temperatures and humid environment also make it very tough to breathe properly for normal person, so these factors can also trigger Asthma attack.


As per one test conducted  it was seen that person’s whose bmi was in range between 25 to 30 were 38% more prone to Asthma condition. And whose BMI was more than 30 had twice the risk of getting Asthma attack.

Some other includes Stress, Atopy, Genes etc…


How to cure

Actually as of now, Asthma is incurable, very sad though Sad smile, Well it is Manageable also Smile So How:

How to Manage:

Hmmm, well answer is where you reading it now, yup at YOGIK.IN.  ok, sorry for my marketing trick.

Well answer is through proper taking care of, and by doing regular Pranayama (Breathing Exercise). It has been seen that breathing exercises improve the condition of Asthma. It helps to suppress the symptoms.

I am being a yoga instructor, have seen improvements in my many clients. Here am giving you some names, tips and tricks.

IN Pranayama you can do

Kapalbhanti (Mild Strokes) for start with 50 counts,

Anuloma-Viloma (without retaining the breath, with longer breath, fill your lungs fully while inhaling) start with 20 cycles,

Right to Left Breathing (for 10 cycles),

 Left to Right Breathing( for 10 cycles ).


In postures Parvat Asana (keeping arms fully stretched upward, chest open, looking straight, making your chin parallel to the ground, with deep and longer breath)

Matsya Asana (Without retaining breath)

Camel Pose ( Without retaining breath, do long and deep breath)

Supta Vajrasana ( Without retaining breath, do long and deep breath)

Gomukha Asana

Have good diet, if you are obese then loose your extra weight / fat.

Avoid visiting any polluted area, or cover your nose, mouth properly.

Do your allergy test, and be aware of that.


Doing Kapalbhanti in above postures increases lungs capacity dramatically and helps in better way. But this is for advanced practitioners only, or take guidance from good reputed yoga instructor. Or visit our centre or give me a call at 97689-66939.



So, what do you think ?