Water Retention 

Do you feel heaviness sometimes in your body and it gets cured by itself or by drinking lot of water. If yes, please read on:-
Our body is made up of 70% of water. That occupies our bone, muscles, blood. Blood is mostly water. Our blood contains RBC, WBC, Platelets, and other things. Our blood also contains proteins for our organs. Proteins play an important role: as it attracts water from our tissues that spaces back capillaries. If a person is suffering from proteins deficiency, it can lead to water retention, as less water is soaked by proteins from our body tissues. That leads to water retention. And we feel heaviness on around our stomach, legs and other parts of body.

It has also come into light that salt also plays an important role for getting water retention. Sodium rich food causes water retention. To excrete sodium from our kidney, one needs to drink lot of water and go to loo.

In women, Pre-menstrual water retention – causes bloating and often breast tenderness. Experts say it is due to hormone imbalances, and also some nutritional factors. Premenstrual refers to the second half of the woman’s menstrual cycle (during the days or the week or so before her period begins). Well in women water retention is common symptom of menopause.

What you can do by yourself is:

• Lower your sodium intake i.e. Cut down your salt intake.

• Be fit i.e. Do regular yoga/exercise. In yoga leg raisings, Sarvang-asana (shoulder stand), Matsyendra asana (half twisted pose), Hala-asana (the plough pose) And, Pranayama are helpful.

• Don’t be still i.e. Never be in standing or sitting position for longer time. Keep changing.

• Get up and walk about regularly when travelling by car, train, boat or plane.

• Avoid extreme temperature i.e. Avoid having hot bath, shower, sauna’s.