Yoga At Home


Raman Mishra is well known yoga guru in Mumbai. He has helped many people to overcome from their diseas and disabilities. He conducts personnel yoga classes at residence of clients. He has also conducted group yoga classes for school teachers and students, at societies.

Till now he has successfully helped many to overcome from their difficulty. His six months yoga challenge is a program which he crafted through his knowledge and experience earned while teaching yoga by last 10 years. He has successfully treated people from Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Migraine, Vericose Vein etc

Get benefitted from his six months yoga challenge and start living your life freely.

Fees for Yoga At Home [ One Person ]

For Monthly Basis —- 7,000 Re. per person, 12 Sessions/Month [ Thrice In Week ]

For Session Basis —- 8,00 Re. Per Session Per Person


Phone or Whatsapp at —- 8828-169659

E-mail —-