The Body Clock

To achieve material success we manage our day’s and night’s efficiently. we all know that to reach a greater hight in life, one thing is very important and that is time management.

We manage our time by deviding it into schedules, meetings, appointment, executing all our work on right time.

As we decide our day time to meet our daily goal, in the same way body has its own daily natural schedules to meet its daily goal which is to keep the body and mind in proper healthy condition.

Our body has its own natural body clock, and it’s main job is to take care of three important tasks which are, absorption, assimilation, and elimination.

as we take food in our stomach the process of absorption starts by first applying acidic reaction to food.

Process of digestion

The food after eating reached to stomach, where the digestive glands secrete juices, containing enzymes, which break down the food particles into simple soluble substances. Carbohydrates (sugar, starch), Proteins, and fate are three important nutrients of our food. They are digested due to chemical actions of enzymes. This digested food is easily absorbed through inner walls of small intestine into the blood capillaries. Pancreas and liver also help in digestion by supplying the pancreatic juice and bile respectively. The absorbed food particles are carried to the liver and then into the general circulation.

The absorbed simple molecules are now in the blood stream, and they are distributed to all the cells in the body. Assimilation is converting these molecules and integrating them with the living tissues.
In simple words, it is the process of synthesizing biological compounds / macro molecules from the absorbed simple molecules through constructive metabolism. It is because of this process the body can synthesize essential compounds ( enzymes, hormones, nucleic acids etc. ) it needs to function properly.
Assimilation helps cell growth and development as well as new production.

Elimination is the process to remove residual parts of digested food, which are unwanted, indigested and toxic.
The food is passed through small intestine to large intestine, where water content of residual, unwanted, full absorbed, undigested food particles is absorbed and to keep them moistened sodium is added. Then from large intestine it is passed to rectum and the removed from anus.

All these three very important tasks are completed by the body on it’s own time. The body has it’s own fixed time to do all these three process.
Which is illustrated in below table.

Eating food at wrong timing not only causes metabolic imbalance but also produces toxins in the body. The body and it’s internal functions are designed for it’s own natural cycle called anabolism ( tissue building process ). Any change in this process is termed as metabolic disorder. This body clock pattern making the body to go into the process of accumulating weight or fat and resulting into what we call as a ‘Shapeless And Obese Body’.

Because of long time violation of body clock the accumulation of toxic waste material happens, which causes a long term deterioration of the body and is responsible for obesity and weight gain.

Conclusion: After reading this article I am sure you must be thinking how to resolve this issue and start following body clock.

Well, obviously it is going to be tough task for you to come out of your routine and start following something new. But I assure you if you really sincerely try to follow the body clock, you will soon achieve a good healthy body with serene mind.

Here I am providing some simple tips which will definitely help you

#Tip 1

If ever you get temptation and you eat something at wrong time, you can have one glass warm lemon water with pinch of Hing in it. Which will help in not accumulating those waste product in body.

#Tip 2

As you get up in morning, first thing have 2 glasses of warm water. Which will kick start your elimination process.

#Tip 3

Don’t drink water while having your meal or just after you complete you meal. You should have water atleast post 30 minutes. You can have few sips while meal, if food is spicy. Having water while having meal slows down the digestion process. This process will also help you to reduce stomach bloating.

#Tip 3

For liquid food, body takes upto 3 hours to complete the digestion process, and for solid food it takes nearly 6 hours.
When we sleep at that time our digestion process is also slowed down, and the digestion process couldn’t complete which results again in indigestion and accumulation of waste, undigested food.
That’s why we should have our dinner atleast 2-3 hours prior to sleep.