Bhujang Asana / Cobra Pose Instructions, Counter Instructions and benefits


1. Bhujang Asana / Cobra Pose brings flexibility to spine.

2. It helps to stretch neck resulting in stretch to thyroid glands which controls the growth and metabolism of body.

3. It helps to stretch the chest and upper abdomen because of which the esophagus, the food pipe, gets strech and helps to relieve from the symptoms of acidity.

4. Beacause of stretch to chest region the lungs also get the stretch which results in increase of lung capacity.

5. Good for getting relief from back ache and symptoms of sciatica pain.

6. As it stretches the uper abdomen which helps in getting stretch to internal organs in stomach which facilitates improving digestion.

Please read the full article before start practicing

Counter Instructions:-

1. Please avoid lying on your stomach if you have gone through any surgery.

2. Avoid if you have lungs or heart related problems.

3. Do under guidance if going through any illness or spinal injury.

4. Practice the pose empty stomach.

Instructions to Do:-

Step 1:- Lie down on a mat on your stomach. Keeping hands staright towards legs and close to body.

Step 2:- Bring your hands forward and place the palm on floor just below your shoulders.

Step 3:- By keeping your hands, from elbow, tucked to your body, without applying force with your hands, raise your head, then raise your neck.

Step 4:- Now apply force with your hands toward floor and gently raise your upper body till your naval point or as much you can.

Do not lock your elbow.

Step 5:- Keep looking towards sky, feel the strech at your neck, chest and stomach.

Step 6:- Now, slowly come down and put your forehead on the floor and relax.

Breathing Pattern:-

*Deep inhale and exhale once, before practicing.

*Inhale while coming up.

*Once up then either you can hold your breath or do light and short breathing.

*Do not hold your breath if you have High Blood Pressure or any other illness. Do under guidance

*Exhale while coming down.

Focus On:- Strecth to neck, chest, upper abdomen and spine as you go up.

Repeat the same for 2-3 times & try to hold the raised posture for as long as you can without difficulty.

Gradually increase the time to hold.

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