Dont control your mind, train it

If one tries to control his mind, he is a biggest fool to do so. You simply can not control your mind on your wish. You simply can not.

His life was going easy, without disturbances and he had no stress about any thing. Suddenly, one day he does something wrong, or something wrong happens to him. With anyone it can happen. Now he is in stress, lot of tension about work, life, wife etc.

Then a friend of him tells him about controling his mind. Or he sees a video or listens from somewhere to control his mind to get away from stress.

He sits in meditative pose and tries to control his mind. Now this is foolish. If you have never tried or practised meditation, then you can not control your mind.

But he tries, initially he gets some success, which is a temporarily relief. Now think about building a dam on a river without diverting its water temporarily. What will happen, you may get success for a while, but soon the water of river will break the dam wall and it will cause distruction.

In a similar way he feels that he has controlled his mind. But sooner his mind fights back and with double speed. It causes distruction. Now he will be in double stress, again he will try to control his mind, and again soon he will be attacked by his mind to overthrough his control.

Now, there will be a continuous tug of war in between his thought of being calm and contend and being stressed. Well negative thoughts will get stronger and positive thoughts will get weaker.

One day he will give up on his meditation. And now he will be in his worst phase of his mind. To get away from negative thoughts of his mind he may lean towards alcohol or even drugs to get peace of mind.

What wrong he did, he just wanted some peace. Even he followed what renowned and so called Mahatama’s used to say about controlling ones mind.

I tell you what, you can not sit in meditation today and want to get rid of stress, and get peace and harmony of mind. If you think you can then you are fool. You are stupid to do so.

You need to practice first. You need to train your mind first. Yoga has given 8 steps to get control on your mind. And thats no joke.

Firstly you need to develop a habit to sit down on grownd and do nothing. Here you need not to stop your thoughts, let them come. Do not entertain any particular thought. Just let them come and go. This you got to do for one week. Everyday at same time, at same place for 5 minutes.

Next week, start focusing ON your thoughts. Just see how many thoughts your are getting, need not to count them. Just look at them. For one week you have to practice this. Remember, you have to sit at one place everyday, at same time. Now do this for 10 minutes.

Third week, categorize your thoughts into positive thoughts, negative thoughts, usefull thoughts and useless thoughts. Just categorize, dont control. For 10 minutes.

Fourth week, now you got practice of sitting at one place without any disturbances. Here you have to drop the negative and useless thoughts. Remember, negative and useless thoughts can be different thoughts. You have yo drop them. You can do it easily now. And focus on positive and useful thouths. This you have to do for 10 minutes only.

Fifth week, now you have trained your mind. Now this week try to focus your guage by keeping your eyes shut at tip of your nose. And start focusing your mind at your breath. When you inhale, you feel coolingness. When you exhale, you feel warmness. Stay focused there. Stay focused to your breath.

Slowly, you will build up a practice of getting rid of negative and useless thoughts. By practicing the training of your mind you will realise that now you are stress free a happy person. You will be doing your all work with patience and better accuracy.

Never think of controling your mind, its like a notorious child who does exactly opposite of what you tell him do. Never think of having control on your mind, you simply can not. Those are fool who say that they can do so. Its just impossible. But yes its possible to train your mind, yes that way you can achive what you had desired about having control on your mind.

-Avinash Mishra

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